AE Kitchen has a new Yu Yuan Road location!

A.E. Kitchen apparently has a new, second location on Yu Yuan Road in addition to its original Jiao Zhou Road location in Shanghai. Gotta check it out sometime. Looks like the Mr. Pancake House competitor is expanding as well.

I always liked the better deal of A.E. Kitchen including coffee in its meals unlike Mr. Pancake House. Plus, they allow refills up until 5pm in the afternoon.

4/29 UPDATE: I’m in the Yu Yuan Road location right now because the Jiao Zhou Road location was closed when I went earlier. Apparently, this location isn’t new at all and has been around for quite some time (though less than a year). I guess I just never noticed and the address of location is just more prominent in their recently redesigned menus! This location is roomier.

Apparently they’re also enforcing a new “only one refill policy” for coffee now. That sucks.

New York Style Pizza: Good Pizza, Poor Dine-In Service

New York Style Pizza in Shanghai, Jing'an location.
Source Dianping

This is a review of the original Jing’an district location by the Jing’an Temple Line 2 stop in Shanghai.

New York Style Pizza (SmartShanghai/City Weekend/Dianping) has been around for a long time and for the longest time, it has been a go-to for pizza that many would consider better than what you could get through the larger American franchises like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and more recently Domino’s, as well as the Japanese casual Italian restaurant chain Saizeriya. Without making this a comparison and ignoring the many other one-off Italian restaurants in Shanghai where a pizza can be ordered, let’s just say NYSP has bigger, thinner, and cheesier pies. Chicago-style deep-dish pan pizza loyalists can stop reading now.

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Pasta Lab: Clean But Cold Decor, Nice Owner, Uneven Food

Hm, I may have to redefine the scope of this blog. I can see myself occasionally writing about dining experiences.

Pasta Lab is a new Italian restaurant that recently opened on Wuding Lu (武定路) near the intersection with Yanping Lu (延平路) in Shanghai’s Jing’an district. As far as I can tell, there is no official website or online listing yet except for this Foursquare page. Neither were there business cards or delivery menus visible.

As you can imagine from its name, it involves customizing your own pasta meal, mixing and matching either various types of pasta or ravioli with a choice of either tomato (red) or cream (white) sauce, as you would “experiment” in a “lab”. Ho ho. I believe the past ingredients are fresh but I’m not sure. I do remember an advertised intent to provide vegetarian (or was it vegan) options to its target customers. It is therefore targeting a yuppie, white-collar class demographic.

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