Kim Bauer is annoying as hell

Kim Bauer is annoying as hell.

I’ve been watching the first season of Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 (Wikipedia) over the past week and am four episodes into the second season. Jack Bauer’s daughter has so far repeatedly and consistently done the stupidest things causing grief for both her parents and any sane viewer.

This little post was finally instigated by her reacting indignantly to a doctor confronting her about signs of abuse on the little girl she just started taking care of as a nanny in Season 2 (PPS). Why the hell would she react this way when she has already realized that the girl’s father is an abusive prick (oh hey, he’s on Revolution)? Why would she not immediately tell the doctor that the previous injuries must’ve been caused by her abusive father? Why would she interpret the doctor as accusing her at all? It makes no sense whatsoever.

As for Season 1 (PPS), there is just no escaping the thought that if Kim Bauer simply did not sneak out of the house, she would’ve saved her parents Jack and Teri Bauer at least 24 hours of grief. True, there’s a bit of victim-blaming in that, especially since there is no reasonable correlation between sneaking out of the house and getting yourself kidnapped, but still, as far as the plot goes, that one decision to sneak out of the house precipitated an entire subplot that led to mother getting raped, among other things.

Like, what the hell? If my decisions and actions led to that, the guilt would kill me.

OKAY, fine, as far as the plot goes, we’re forced to conclude that Kim was actually lured out of the house as part of a sophisticated plot to use her as leverage to control Jack. Therefore, it wasn’t really Kim’s decision that precipitated all the grief the Bauer family eventually goes through.

Still, if she had told her friend Janet York, “nah, I’m not gonna sneak out to meet some random boys I don’t know”, that would’ve put a wrench into said sophisticated plot. So, her decision to be a dumbass teen still contributed to the entire 24 hour tragedy.

Oh wow, Jack just shotgunned a dog. Animal rights groups must’ve had a field day with that one back in 2002.

S02E05: Oh great, after her father explicitly tells her not to tell anyone about the nuclear bomb threat to Los Angeles to avoid a panic, she goes on to tell her boyfriend. Of all the antagonists in 24, Kim Bauer is the worst.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Fine for Kids But Lacking Depth for Adults

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Wikipedia) television show ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, starting after the events of The Avengers (Wikipedia/IMDB).

I’ve watched up to episode 11 on Youku (神盾局特工 第一季), and I’m not sure I can continue giving the show any more of my attention.

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Sherlock S03E02: Storytelling of Mysteries Convoluted by Marriage Arc

Watched episode 2, “The Sign of Three” (Wikipedia) last night, again on Youku (神探夏洛克 第三季:第2集), embedded below with Chinese subtitles for viewers in mainland China:

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Sherlock S03E01: Still Funny and Clever But 2 Years Is Too Long

Just finished watching the first episode of the long-awaited Season (or Series?) 3 of the BBC’s Sherlock (Wikipedia/IMDB) on Youku (神探夏洛克 第三季:第1集).

I actually began watching the episode half a day ago but decided to stop and go to sleep about halfway through it, which likely says something about the episode’s ability to keep me riveted to my seat despite how much anticipation I had to see the continuation of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s take on the famous detective duo. Let me therefore say up front that the episode has left me somewhat lost and confused.

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