Tous Les Jours Ham and Cheese Panini A Disappointment


So this is the Ham and Cheese Panini I purchased from the Korean bakery Tous Les Jours that opened fairly recently on the corner of Yuyuan Road 愚园路 and Jiaozhou Road 胶州路 behind Jing’an Temple, the one with Professor Do Min-joon plastered all over itself situated right next to the also Korean MANGOSIX.

It was 22 RMB, which would be 1 RMB more than a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger value meal. I had scrutinized their other sandwich offerings before choosing this one. The others looked were pretty but looked light on the ingredients and while I should’ve known better, I chose this offering on account of its size and despite it being completely wrapped in paper giving me no idea how many ingredients were within.

Suffice to say, after unwrapping it, I’m not particularly impressed.


Granted, I’m sure the meat and cheese are of a higher quality than what you’d find in a packaged ham and cheese sandwich (~6.5 RMB) one might purchase from a convenience store like Family Mart or 7-11, which is also thick with bread and thin on the costlier ingredients. Sure, the bread is their own and probably fresh baked. And finally, it wasn’t necessarily untasty either. But…

…it just doesn’t feel like a terribly good value.

For further comparison, I could get a more substantive 6-inch subway for 15 RMB from, well, Subway that wouldn’t necessarily have terribly lower quality ingredients.

To be mean, this isn’t even a panini, which refers to a sandwich that doesn’t use sliced bread.

I’m unsatisfied.

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