I live in China and in my life here, I spend a lot of my time consuming various forms of “media”. This is where I will spend even more of my time writing about the books I’m reading, the movies I’m watching, the TV shows I’m following, and the various video games I’m playing on my computer or mobile devices.

You’re welcome to follow along, to read the thoughts and feelings I have as I go through these vicarious experiences, and share your own so we can have discussions and learn from each others’ perspectives. Maybe it can be like a book club, like sitting on the couch together, or like multiplayer.


Either way, it’ll be fun.

An Explanation of My Ratings

5 stars = Must experience.
4 stars = Recommended.
3 stars = Passable.
2 stars = Not recommended.
1 star = Really bad.
0 stars = Do not touch.

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