The Colony: Paul Walker, Bill Paxton, and Morpheus in Ice Age

The Colony movie poster.Overall The Colony (Wikipedia/IMDB) isn’t bad, but it has a sort of “TV movie” or “B movie” sort of feel. The computer generated special effects are decent but just short of convincing, especially in scenes where the camera pans, zooming in or out and over the snowy landscapes.

The main problem is the lead character Sam, played by some guy called Kevin Zegers, who suffers from the same “can’t be taken seriously, random white pretty boy” problem that Paul Walker does did. Bill Paxton does a decent antagonist but personally, I was just amused to see him again so soon after watching 2 Guns (where he was an even better antagonist). Like others, and while the movie again isn’t “bad”, I kinda felt sorry that Morpheus was in it.

Oh, apparently this movie was made by Canadians, and probably because they have a lot of snow up there.

Not awful but not really worth watching. I watched it on PPStream (殖民地/末世殖民地).

2/5 stars.

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