Trespass: 90 Minutes of Never-Ending Stupidity and Hysterics

Trespass movie poster.Just watched Trespass (Wikipedia/IMDB) on PPStream (非法入侵/侵害/不忠之劫) and it took about 10 years off my life.

I cannot think of another movie that has featured such big name stars that has been this maddening. Neither the filmmaking nor the acting is bad (though Nicholas Cage acts–or flips out–pretty much the same exact way in every one of his movies). What’s bad is the script and characters that are so chronically obnoxious in their inexcusable stupidity and senseless hysterics that you simply wish they would all just die. There is not a single sympathetic character in the entire movie with more than perhaps 5 seconds of screen time. Every character seems to go out of his or her way to do the one thing that would perpetuate your teeth-gnashing and wrist-slitting at that very point in the plot.

There are movies that are worth respect simply for the being able to evoke a strong emotional reaction in viewers. Trespass is not one of them. It is quite frankly a test to see how much idiocy you can subject yourself to before a vein on your forehead explodes from frustration-induced hypertension. This movie was only 90 minutes long but it felt like a freaking eternity.

To avoid wasting whatever is left of my lifespan, I’m going to end it here.

0 stars. Spare yourself. Do not watch this movie.

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